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Acme offers great food that takes time

It’s raining again. And though I’m not in school anymore, back-to-school time has always made me blue.

So I escaped into the old-school comfort food at the Acme Café.

Perfect location too. This neighbourhood could use a little comfort.

The meatloaf sandwich ($11.50) is surprisingly light. The BBQ sauce and Dijon mayo are perfect together but the whole wheat bun is dry.

Soups change daily. I try the tomato cilantro soup, which is rich and chunky, warm and satisfying.

So why three and a half stars? It’s really busy. Servers are hard to get a hold of. I’m dying to try the much-advertised sweets but nobody’s available to take my order.

When I finally get the chocolate ganache tart ($4) it’s rich, bittersweet with the kind of flaky crust that gets you known for dessert.

Of course, once I’m done, no one’s around to take my money.

The warm feelings from lunch start to disappear as I rush to get back to work on time. Next time, I’m getting it to go.

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