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Action hero in G territory with Witch Mountain

Shortly after he starred in the Disney hit The Game Plan, Dwayne Johnson made a full conversion from winning championship belts and grappling with greased-up gladiators in a wrestling ring, to stealing the title of King of the Family Comedy.

Now, with no less than two family-friendly films about to come out, the former WWE champ — known as The Rock — won’t admit it’s a sign he’s gone soft.

“It just so happens that I’ve been offered these roles and they happen to be in a family setting,” admitted Johnson during a recent interview in Las Vegas.

“I also love the idea that if you’re going to make a family movie and you do it right, then there’s a character on screen that every member of the family can relate to.”

First up for families is Race to Witch Mountain (in theatres next Friday), a reimagining of Disney’s 1975 classic Escape to Witch Mountain. In this family adventure, Johnson plays a cab driver who escorts a pair of strange teens with paranormal powers in their quest to save the world. It’s a thrilling tale that delves into the mysteries of UFOs and extraterrestrials — a phenomenon Johnson believes in.

“I’d be arrogant to think that we are the only life forms out there,” said the actor who researched the subject prior to filming. “When you see this footage and you delve deep into that culture, I’ve got to contest that you’d be really amazed at what you find.

“I do believe there are other life forms out there. I’ve never actually seen an alien but I was a big believer before the movie … and a big believer after.”

The one-time WWE champion will next be starring in The Tooth Fairy — a comedy about a belligerent hockey player who is forced to become the mystical magic wand-waving title character.

“We’re going to introduce the world to our version of the tooth fairy and it’s me,” laughs Johnson at playing the wholesome tutu-donned pixie. “Whatever you have in your mind and as funny as you think that is, well, it’s going to eclipse that.”

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