Actor Joel Murray ready for a Cubs title, launching a new apparel brand – Metro US

Actor Joel Murray ready for a Cubs title, launching a new apparel brand

Count Joel Murray among those in ‘Cubs Nation’ believing that after 108 years the curse will be kicked aside, like a billy goat kicking a can.

An actor famous for his roles in Mad Men as well as several other successful television series’, Murray is an ardent golfer and a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. He’s already been to several postseason games this year and when he spoke to Metro on Friday his voice was still a bit hoarse from their dramatic win over the San Francisco Giants to advance to the NLCS.

“They’re doing amazing. I’m so excited,” Murray told Metro.“They are really good. Curses be gone, these kids don’t even know about them.”

Murray thinks this playoff trip has the potential to go far.

It is also a big week for him as he, along with his brother and fellow actor Bill Murrayplus their other brothers have launched William Murray Golf, a newlifestyle and apparel brand.

“It’s fun, it’s quality stuff. I’m wearing it with a blazer today. Not only can you golf in it, you can drink in it,” Joel said. “Wear it with a coat.”

There’s plain colored polos as well as themed ones, such as a polo that features an occasional exploding mum as part of its print. The idea is that golf is supposed to be fun, not unlike his love of golf or the Cubs.

He said he’s trying to get back to the outlandish look and feel of famous golfers Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer in the 1970s and not the stale look of today’s PGA. There is even a pinstripe polo that incorporates the colors of, yes, the Cubs.

As for baseball, Joel is excited about what he thinks is finally a World Series trip for his beloved team. Joel remembers a conversation with Cubs President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein several years ago and the architect of this team told him that this would be the year things start coming together for the franchise.

The man who played Freddy Rumsen in Mad Men for several seasons has no hesitation in saying this could finally be the year.

“I’ll put all my eggs in that basket,” Joel said.“It’s time. It’s time.”

But he admits that it will be a surreal feeling if and should the Cubs finally take the title. For a franchise that has been through so much suffering and pain, it is going to be unusual to be on top.

“I hope they don’t burn the town down. It’s going to be crazy-good when it happens,” Joel said.“Hopefully we will better champions then those dreaded Red Sox fans. I hope we don’t get that obnoxious.”