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Ad ruffling some feathers

It wasn’t intended to offend, but it has.

An artistic image depicting a bird being held by its wings has ruffled some feathers amongst fashion and animal lovers who believe the image can be misconstrued as animal abuse.

Rob King was shopping when he noticed the image outside of the Aritzia store advertising their move to a bigger location.

“I had to look twice. It looks like the bird is being strangled,” King said.

Aritzia spokesperson Candy Soo said the image is art and open to interpretation.

“It’s being held by its wings and at no time was the bird hurt or harmed. We didn’t intend to create controversy,” Soo said.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spokesperson Jane Dollinger believes it was meant to shock.

“The company might want to rethink the ad. A young woman is more likely to come in if she thinks ‘aw’ than if she thinks ‘ew,’” she added.

City fashion expert Tory Read said she doesn’t understand what the image has to do with fashion.

“I think it’s completely irrelevant to the product they’re selling.”