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Adam Driver cat has a new home, name and Instagram

@catam_driver, Instagram

At least one Kylo Ren has a new home to call his own.

The New Jersey shelter cat with anuncanny resemblanceto “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” villain Adam Driver has been adopted by Brooklyn resident Emily McCombs.

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According to McCombs, who described her whirlwind quest to get the cat at Elite Daily, it was love at first sight — and not because of the “Girls” actor. “Not only was his face amazingly unique and funny, but he was described as being snuggly and ‘great with kids,’ and I have a four-year-old son,” she wrote.

In a tabloid-savvy move, McCombs and her boyfriend decided to rename the cat from Corey to Kylo Ren to head off potential celebrity scandal — though Driver is welcome to a selfie anytime.

“My boyfriend and I tossed around ‘Catam Driver,’ but we didn’t want him to be permanently linked to Mr. Driver’s fortunes,” she writes. “No offense to the actor himself (I’m hoping he reaches out for a photo opp with his doppelganger!) but what if he turns out to commit a heinous crime or something and I have to disassociate my cat from him publicly? We considered other puns, à la Katlo Ren. But in the end, Kylo Ren just felt right.”

As for any potential fame and furrtune, McCombs says she’s already been solicited to sign with an “Internet cat manager.” Whatever happens, she and her boyfriend are sharing him with the world on Instagram at @catam_driver.

As she put it, “I love Kylo for so much more than his Internet fame, but give the people what they want, right?”

Unlike the proto-Darth Vader villain, who would probably Force push you into another galaxy if you tried to rub his belly, Kylo Ren is a cuddler. “He seems to have more of the personality of a dog than a cat. He never tired of being petted and snuggled and doesn’t want to be alone in any room of the house,” McCombs writes.

He’s also, as promised, great with McCombs’ young son.

Come to the light side, Star Wars!Kylo Ren. We have cozy knits, warm beds, and you may even turn out to like having your belly rubbed.

Chilling with Mouse Yoda and Mouse Chewbacca. No animosity detected.

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