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Advertising blitz targets Haligonians’ ‘floatables’

Halifax Water wants you to “take responsibility for the safety and beauty of our harbour,” according to a new advertising campaign on local radio.

The city’s water commission has launched the roughly $50,000 advertising campaign asking people to stop flushing items that fit under the “floatable” category. That means objects such as tampons, condoms, bandages, cotton swabs and floss are now on the no flush list.

“Even if you’ve been doing it for years – stop,” the radio ad proclaims.

Many of the objects, such as tampons, advertise on packaging that it is safe to flush because it breaks down quickly, like toilet paper. However, Halifax Water spokesman James Campbell said yesterday those objects should have never been flushed in the first place.

“We want people to realize that it belongs in the garbage,” Campbell said. “The (Halifax sewage) treatment plant being shut down is irrelevant; it’s always been the right thing to do.”

The ads are part of the Pollution Prevention program made familiar with its “Don’t dump this” jingle. Campbell said the radio ads should last until at least September, adding there will soon be television ads with similar messages.

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