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After-hours help? Let me Google that for you

Google Helpouts Tutoring to fit your schedule and your wallet can pay off for students. / Provided

Let’s face it: There are very few questions out there that Google can’t answer. Now, students who are cramming for their finals or looking for just a few minutes of tutoring can get it with the help of those candy-colored letters.

Google Helpouts is a recently launched program that offers tutoring in a variety of subjects, charged by the minute or by the hour. That means there just might be an answer to the complicated question you have the night before the exam.

“We invite very specific people and specific tutoring groups,” says Daniel Arnold, a manager in the education category of Google Helpouts, about its recruitment process. The company headhunted at well-known institutions like MIT and Harvard University to find tutors ineverything from languages to physics. “Every listing goes through an internal review process, and we require them to upload a video showing who they are and why they are qualified to teach,” he says.

Math teacher and tutor Harry Sanderoff says Google Helpouts has made him rethink online education. “As I do more of these, I see some possibilities that kids could be prepared for the workforce and for college without the traditional seven-period day five days a week.”

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