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Airport closure remains up in the air

Some councillors want the City Centre Airport issue to keep flying; others want to see it crash and burn.

Meanwhile, Edmonton Airports is doing exactly what it’s been told. Spokesperson Traci Bednard said the way Edmontonians voted in this election provides some clarity into what they want to happen.

“We have seen a significant majority of councillors elected who did present that 2009 decision (to close the airport) and who have been re-elected, so that provides more clarity in terms of continuing to move forward,” she said.

“There will never be 100 per cent consensus on this issue and we absolutely respect that.”

Newly elected Ward 11 Coun. Kerry Diotte said Tuesday he may push council to hold a public vote on the issue, based on what he heard from voters.

Kim Krushell, on the other hand, would like to see the issue put to bed.

Bednard said until told otherwise, Edmonton Airports will continue to implement council’s direction and the decision that they made over a year ago.

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