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Akrobatik bounces back

It’s tough to argue with Akrobatik’s love for hip-hop. But anyone looking to, only need follow the Dorchester native’s Twitter account (@AkrobatikMC). He serves up a healthy dose of straight talk, uncut opinions on pop culture, humor and his love for the music. That love has seen him rock crowds all over the world. After a full recovery from what was widely reported to be a heart attack, but was actually an aortic dissection — his aorta split open — he says he is ready to hit the stage for the first time since his emergency room visit.

By the sounds of the recently dropped single “Occupy Hip Hop” from his upcoming album, his heart isn’t the only thing that’s healthy right now.

“I put that out to let people know that I’m OK and to shed some light on my perspective on the way the game is right now,” he says. “That was more like a call to action for people who love and understand the music to speak up for themselves. Just because something sells 5 million copies doesn’t mean there aren’t 20 million people saying, ‘What’s up with this garbage?’”

He says he feels like a large part of the population is being left out of mainstream hip-hop.

“There just needs to be something to counteract what we hear daily so we can have more balance,” he says.

Q&A Personal health

How are you feeling these days? Have you fully recovered?

I’m feeling good. I’m as close to 100 percent as I can be. And I’m focused on taking better care of myself. I’m getting back into the swing of things and dealing with being on the road with a packed schedule. It could have turned out way worse, and I’m thankful.

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