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Al Roker on why Boston is one of the best places in the country

Al Roker Today Show Boston

Al Roker is hitting the road this summer.

The famed weatherman and “Today” show star is coming to Boston on Monday to kick off a trip through New England as part of the morning show’s “Great Outdoor Series.” Roker won’t be roughing it alone, though, as “Today” weekend co-host Craig Melvin will join him on their journey through the region this week.

Roker tells Metro that the festivities will commence with a live broadcast from the Fan Pier Marina on Monday, featuring a special appearance by a pair of local internet sensations.

“We’re starting off in Boston, we’re going to be at the Fan Pier Marina,” Roker says. “We’ve got a lot of stuff going on live at the marina on Monday morning, including the karaoke cops, Stephen [McNulty] and Kim [Tavares].”

Following the stop in Boston, Roker and Melvin will pack up and hop in an RV for a drive to Maine, where the duo will take part in a tour of a national park, as well as some overnight camping in the wilderness. On Tuesday, the “Today” show will broadcast live from Georgetown, Maine.

Al Roker on why he loves Boston

Al Roker Today Show

Roker seems pretty pumped for the trip and spending some time in the Hub. Having traveled to the city on numerous occassions over the years, Roker has fallen in love with Boston and its rich history, plus all its iconic landmarks like the Make Way for Ducklings statue and Fanueil Hall. 

“There’s nothing not to like in Boston—except the traffic, but other than that,” Roker jokes.

“You’ve got this very modern city, and yet you’ve got parts of it that still look untouched from the late 1700s to early 1800s,” he adds. “It’s got everything going for it. It’s got storied sports franchises, it’s got fantastic food, great architecture, it’s got a gorgeous harbor. It really is one of the best places in the country.”

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