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Alabama woman feigning pregnancy kills husband’s dog in fake miscarriage

Anita Parker

Police have arrested a woman in connection to allegations she faked being pregnant for seven months before mutilating her husband’s Chihuahua in an effort to stage a supposed miscarriage.

Anita Parker, 43, has been charged with felony animal cruelty after police said she capped a seven-month fake pregnancy by trying to convince her husband she had a miscarriage using blood and tissue from the killed dog, ABC 7 reported.

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“It hurts like crap, man, about my dog. I loved that dog, man,” Johnny Parker, her husband, was quoted by ABC7.

On Wednesday, he returned home to his Lawrence County, Alabama, mobile home to find his wife Anita screaming in bed, covered in blood and body tissue, saying that she had flushed a miscarried fetus down the toilet, the Daily Mail reported.

After taking her to the hospital, doctors performed tests showing that Anita Parker had never been pregnant, the Daily Mail added.

“Then they tell me, she wasn’t pregnant, she never has been pregnant,” Johnny Parker was quoted by ABC 7. “I guess she pushed her belly out all the time, because she looked like she was.”

When he returned home from the hospital, Parker found the mutilated body of his dog in a garbage can, the New York Daily News reported. Police said his wife had slaughtered the 8-month-old puppy for its blood and stomach tissue in staging the miscarriage.

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Anita Parker, who confessed to authorities, has been charged with felony animal cruelty and was held on $7,000 bond, Alabama’s WHNT reported.

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