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Alarm clock only stops when you stand on it

The Ruggie.

For most people, getting out of bed in the morning is one of the greatest challenges of the day. Even if you do manage to open your eyes, the likelihood is that you’ll spend the next 30 minutes pressing your alarm clock’s snooze button.

Ruggie, a soft memory foam mat that’s placed next to the bed, requires any sleepy head to stand on it for a solid three seconds before the rug alarm stops ringing. The new get you up gadget, which is the brainchild of Vancouver, Canada and Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs, goes as far as offering motivational messages, like ‘Ready to kick some ass? C’mon you can do it, do it now.’ Founder Winston Tam explains why Ruggie is the only alarm clock to physically get you out of bed.

Q: Are you someone who struggles to get up in the morning?

The snooze button inspired me to develop Ruggie. I’ve always been a snoozer… but I figured that there had to be a way of making it easier to get out of a warm. comfy bed.

Q: How does Ruggie work?

There is a pressure sensor inside Ruggie to ensure the user has gotten out of bed. When Ruggie’s alarm goes off, the user has to get out of bed and step on it for three or more seconds to turn it off. On top of that, we wanted to wake the users up mentally and motivate them to take on the day. So after the alarm goes off, Ruggie can deliver customizable sounds (motivational phrases, goal reminders, positive affirmations…etc), which can be easily uploaded with Ruggie’s USB port.

Q: What advantages does the Ruggie offer over your average alarm clock?

Most alarm clocks fail to actually get you out of bed; Ruggie ensures you’re up and awake. Also, it removes that tough decision of whether to get out of bed or snooze. On top of that, Ruggie gives you focus and motivation to achieve your goals. If Ruggie can help you wake up even just five minutes earlier and assuming you live to 80 years old, you would’ve added an extra 100 days to your life. Overall, Ruggie will give you a massive edge compared to using a conventional clock.

Q: How loud is Ruggie?

Ruggie is as loud as most smartphones on full blast — from 70-85 decibel.

Q: How effective is this device in making people get out of bed?

It is highly effective because it won’t shut off until it has felt your pressure. Also, you can place it further away from your bed if you really have trouble waking up.

Q: When can I buy Ruggie and how much does it cost?

Ruggie is currently live on Kickstarter. Our early bird prices start at $59, and it will retail for $99.

By –Daniel Casillas

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