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Albert Hammond Jr. is not interested in a The Strokes comeback


The Strokes guitarist is going it alone. Hammond Jr.’s third solo LP, “Momentary Masters”, has all the hooks that charmed Strokes fans the first time around, with introspective lyrics that suggest the once wild rock ‘n’ roller is in a more settled place. The musician, who’s just played Lollapalooza in Santiago, Chile, chats with usabout returning to his South American roots and whether there’s any possibility of a Strokes comeback.

You have family in Argentina, so does coming to South America feel like a homecoming?

The truth is that I feel at home anywhere they speak Spanish [laughs].

Which song do you most enjoy playing live?

Ugh, that’s a difficult question. I think I’m always changing… It’s funny you should mention that because actually when we started the tour in September there were songs that we decided we would not play on this tour. There are songs that you decide have completed their cycle and you look for new ones, and sometimes you put two songs together and make them work. I think setlists need to breathe and it is difficult to choose at festivals.

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How did you feel when you got the invitation to participate at Lollapalooza Chile?

Oh God, I was so excited. I tried so hard to promote my EP and the truth is I was a little stalker with the organizers [laughs]. We asked so many times that I think they hated me and my agent. When we finally received the offer we were so excited because we could finally present our own show to the public.

Is there any chance of a comeback with The Strokes?

This year I will be working with them and on my solo career. I want to finish my fourth album, but I imagine we’ll do some things with The Strokes.

So more live performances and an international tour?

We have a show in New York at the Governors Ball Festival in June, a private party that same night and some other shows also in the city at that time. But so far there are no plans to do anything else. Actually, I’m more focused on my career as a soloist than in a comeback with The Strokes.

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