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Alberta NDP leader wants emergency debate on donor disclosure

Alberta NDP leader Brian Mason wants an emergency debate on campaign
donation disclosure as three provincial political parties look for a new

“The Tories have repeatedly refused to pass disclosure rules, blatantly
ignoring past NDP demands,” Mason said in a release. “Now we’re at a
critical moment when Albertans should be able to expect accountability from
leadership candidates. It could be years before Albertans get the
transparency they deserve if we don’t have this debate now.”

The Tories, Alberta Liberal Party and Alberta Party are all seeking new
leaders, and all have had contenders step forward.
Mason said that during the last Tory leadership race, outgoing premier
Ed Stelmach didn’t reveal all of his donors and that Ted Morton, who is
running again this time, didn’t reveal any of his.
Mason also said Danielle Smith, of the Wildrose Alliance, didn’t disclose

Mason didn’t have any to disclose when he ran for leader of the NDP, he
The Tories are planning to hold a vote this fall to not only choose a
replacement for Stelmach, but to look at bringing in disclosure rules.
The Liberals and the Alberta Party already require disclosure – as do the

“Corporations and special interests are dumping tens of thousands of dollars
into these leadership campaigns,” Mason said in a release. “We want
legislation governing all parties that would guarantee the transparency
Albertans deserve.”

The last emergency debate at the Alberta legislature was last November
regarding the healthcare system.

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