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Albertans don’t know how to drive: Study

The results of a recent survey — showing many Albertans don’t know the rules of the road — may not be that surprising.

A study released yesterday by the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary showed that nearly 89 per cent of the 2,394 surveyed failed a basic road test.

Researcher Sabreena Anowar said many respondents were unable to identify road markings.

“People couldn’t properly recognize the bicycle crossing ahead sign, or sometimes like the ‘what does a solid white line mean?’ They couldn’t really properly answer that,” said Anowar.

“General public opinion is that it’s not very surprising, because on the roads, drivers are not driving properly.”.

Calgary driver Kelsey Riecken agreed.

“I think Calgary has a lot of really bad drivers,” she said, marking incorrect merges and speeding in school zones on her list of driving peeves.

Anowar said she has made recommendations to the Alberta Motor Association, which include refresher courses and educational online games.

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