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Ald. McIver wants snow fences installed by winter

It only makes sense to install snow fences in the city by next year, according to one city alderman.

Ward 12 Ald. Ric McIver said a report to be discussed today at council reveals snow fences will only cost $100,000 and are a cost-effective part of the solution for clearing snow off streets.

“I would like to see snow fences included in the next budget because it will at least break even or even have cost savings in terms of not having to clear the snow in those areas,” McIver said.

Installing snow fences was one of several ideas brought forward by aldermen as part of a solution after last year’s snow storms hampered many parts of the city.

“I know some aldermen will want to wait, but I would really like to see this included in the 2011 budget and if possible try and get them up before this year’s winter.”

Mark Steen lives in the city’s deep southeast and said he would welcome snow fences at such a low cost to taxpayers.

“I think if it helps save money by not having as much snow to clear the streets, it’s a good plan.”

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