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Alex McCord: Let’s not be apathetic when the next hurricane looms

Over the last week we’ve seen quite a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking about whether New Yorkers over-prepared for Hurricane Irene. Some blamed the mayor for shutting down the transit system, others made fun of their friends who frantically bought water and batteries.

This hurricane claimed lives in the double digits. At least two Long Island colleagues still don’t have power, and one Manhattanite I know has to replace part of her roof. My best college buddy had to evacuate due to a cresting river and New Jersey is still flooded.

You just never know how badly a hurricane is going to hit, or whether it’s going to turn.

The only issue I hope doesn’t happen in New York is apathy. Case in point: A coastal Texas friend battened down her hatches for Rita, which turned at the last second. When Ike came along, she didn’t do as much and got hammered. Gulf Coast family members of mine indulged in a little gallows humor after a total loss during Katrina, saying at least they hadn’t rebuilt the Florida house yet after Ivan.

Bottom line is, we all have to take hurricanes seriously because they are so unpredictable. Just because it could have been worse doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare to the same degree next time. No need for mass hysteria in the supermarkets, but taking steps to keep your family and your property safe is important anytime Mother Nature decides to remind us who’s boss.

Goodnight Irene … now it’s Katia’s turn — maybe. Jose, who briefly popped after Irene, disappeared with barely a whimper.

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