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Alex Rodriguez’s ex’s mom confirms he is not an intellectual

Alex Rodriguez Anne Wojcicki Met Gala
Alex Rodriguez and Anne Wojcicki. Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

We all know that Alex Rodriguez has the best intentions for a very rich ex-baseball man, but we’re also not expecting him to be the most intellectual bulb in the box, right? The 42-year-old has presented us with tons of examples. Even his current girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, admitted that she didn’t think he was too bright at first. “I remember at one point in our relationship, I was like, ‘Can I ask you a question?’” she said. “‘How did you get so smart? Weren’t you, like, playing baseball for 25 years?’” So, there’s that.

Fortunately, we know have someone to tell us what’s what. And that someone is Rodriguez’s ex-girlfriend’s mother.

In a New York Times profile of Anne Wojcicki — whom A.Rod dated for most of 2016 — the 23andMe exec’s mom Esther opens up and tells the world what she really thinks of Rodriguez. It’s um, pretty amazing.

“I liked A-Rod, he was a very nice man,” she said. ”He seemed to be genuinely in love with Anne. But I right away figured out this was a mismatch.

“He had no academic background. We couldn’t have an intellectual conversation about anything. His main interest in life was something that none of us had ever focused on, which was baseball.”

Also, all he does is watch TV — and not even like, groundbreaking scripted series. Just baseball. “He could park himself in front of a TV and watch baseball for 10 hours a day,” Esther continued. “He wasn’t even sure he wanted to go on the yacht with Anne because the TV might not be working. I wish J-Lo all the luck in the world.” Yeah, sounds about right.

Can’t say we’re surprised though. After all, this is the man who wooed his current girlfriend via a “You look sexy AF” sext. He isn’t exactly known for his imagination or his brain skills, you know? 

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