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Alicia Keys responds to Adam Levine’s makeup shaming like a boss

Earlier this week, Adam Levine called out Alicia Keys for wearing makeup. Let’s talk about it.

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Levine, the second thirstiest man alive, told Howard Stern that he spotted Keys putting on a bit of makeup, and said aloud, “Oh, I thought Alicia doesn’t wear makeup. Keys shot back, saying “I do what the f—k I want,” which yeah, duh.

Levine’s decision to call out Keys on wearing makeup is probably just rooted in some good old-fashioned male entitlement. We’re talking about a guywho isbasically a flesh-colored helium balloon made human, so him making a whole thing of this is not at all surprising.

But!Alicia Keys — who absolutely has the right to do whatever she wants — does wear makeup. She’s been very vocal about her decision to go #nomakeup (her hashtag, definitely not mine), even writing about it for Lena Dunham’s newsletter, Lenny. But it turns out her look isn’t so much makeup free as it is a “no makeup look.” Her makeup artist has admitted to as much, saying “Compared to the world of makeup, there is minimal [coverage].” Which is totally fine! But the two are not the same, so there’s that.

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Despite maybe misleading us about the makeup issue, the songstress does take her natural, uh, “look” very seriously: She’s gone so far as toeliminating cheese from her dietin pursuit of glowing skin and a makeup free existence. And frankly, that’s just a sacrifice the rest of us can’t afford to make.