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All hail the queen: Beyoncé’s Super Bowl look, in numbers

Beyonce was supposed to be a Norse warrior goddess. Sartorially, that meant little strips of iguana, python and leather — with knee socks. And she pulled it off! Here’s what went into 15 minutes of Super Bowl greatness.

1 designer: Rubin who? Rubin Singer seems like a bit of a dark horse. But in fact, he’s been dressing celebrities for years now. His clients include Alicia Keys, Lucy Liu, Queen Latifah and Heidi Klum.
1 inspiration: Singer based the costumes on Valkyrie, the hyper-sexual goddess of warfare from Norse mythology known for randomly selecting men on the battlefield to die.
2 stylists: Because yes, Beyoncé is so major, it takes two people to dress her. Singer had to present his ideas in storyboards to Beyoncé’s two stylists Raquel Smith and Ty Hunter right before Thanksgiving before getting a green light. He spent the holidays working on what would be his biggest career gig to date.
3 animals: Beyoncé’s tiny little dress was made of python, iguana and stitched leather
123: Number of performers who Rubin had to dress including Beyoncé, Michelle Williams and their back-up dancers
200 hours: 14 garment workers spent that long creating the costumes
5 fittings: The number of tries it took Singer and team to get the clothes exactly right.
0: Number of wardrobe malfunctions, thanks to all that hard work and meticulous planning. “Beyoncé is such a fierce and intense performer we could not have the outfit constrict her in any way,” he says. — Kenya Hunt, MWN

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