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All the Slurpee you want for $1.50 on BYO Cup Day at 7-Eleven

BYO Cup Day at 7-Eleven
BYO Cup Day at 7-Eleven

Just in time for the first warm week of spring comes the refreshing taste of as much Slurpee as you can fit drink without your brain freezing.

The endurance challenge that is BYO Cup Day is back at 7-Eleven beginning this Friday, May 19, through May 20. From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., you can bring any size container to fill with any (or all) Slurpee flavors for just $1.50, provided the “cup” meets a few simple rules. Yeah, we know you were thinking beer funnels, too, sorry.

Your Slurpee vehicle must fit within a 10-inch hole on the BYO Cup Day in-store standee, it must be clean (if you needed to be told…) and watertight. And while the rule is one person, one cup, they’re not keeping tallies on how many stores you hit up.

The beauty of this challenge — besides drinking enough sugar in two days to ride you through the rest of spring — is you, dear Slurpee fans. Your ability to interpret the rules to achieve the optimal slushy frozen treat experience your way is an inspiration for the rest of us to try harder, aim higher and dream bigger in all we do.

Check out some of last year’s best entries, and start making your own plan of Slurpee domination:


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Tye enjoyed filling this “cup” up at 7-Eleven, it was quite the slurpee!! #byoccanada #byocupday

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Physcis class was fun…. #byocupday

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