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All the ways to watch the premiere of Blindspot season 4

blindspot season 4 premiere jane

Blindspot is headed to Tokyo. Get ready for its launch back onto the small screen because Jane is no longer Jane and they’re not in America anymore. Jane has reverted back to her former persona Remi, and none of her colleagues know about it yet. Expect the Blindspot season 4 premiere to launch into the season on NBC with some stunning shots of Tokyo skyscrapers. In the meantime, make sure you know all the ways to tune in so you don’t miss a second.

Just in case you were thinking of turning your TV to another channel during this time slot after the show killed off Roman (Luke Mitchell), rest assured that he’ll be back for the fourth season. No, Roman will not be brought back from the dead and none of season 3 was a trick. But Blindspot creator Martin Gero assured viewers that there will be plenty of flashbacks throughout Blindspot season 4 so your time with Roman is far from over.

Blindspot season 4 trailer

Check out a tiny bit of the action they have in store for you in Blindspot season 4 episode 1 by hitting play on the official trailer below. Jane’s not Jane anymore, and she’s out for revenge. Even worse, she teases making her enemies believe she’s trustworthy before exacting her revenge.



Blindspot season 4 premiere date

Get yourself planted on the couch this Friday night, October 12 at 8pm, and make sure that your TV is set on NBC. That’s when the Blindspot season 4 premiere kicks off what’s sure to be an action-packed season. You’ll get a one-hour episode before you’re back to waiting for the next installment.

How to watch the Blindspot season 4 premiere

If you won’t be near your couch on Friday night, we hope it’s not because you’re stuck at the office. But if you do happen to be working or near a computer, you can tune in for Blindspot season 4 episode 1 using NBC Watch Live. As long as you have your cable provider details, you can log in and watch the premiere as it airs live.

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But if you’re (thankfully) not at a desk, but not near your couch either, make sure you have the NBC app. Through it, you can watch the Blindspot season 4 premiere no matter where you are. (Even if you’re watching it here and there throughout your night out on the town.) You can get the app through the iTunes Store, Google Play and Roku.

If you don’t have a cable provider, you still have options. You get access to NBC with Sling TV’s Sling Blue package and FuboTV also offers the network through their basic package. You can also catch the premiere for Blindspot season 4 if you have a Hulu Live TV subscription.

But since the Live TV costs you extra, you might be OK with catching the episode a little later. If that’s the case, you can catch up on Blindspot through the show’s landing page on Hulu. The streaming service will drop the newest episode into their content library on Saturday, October 13.

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