Alleged Arlington peeping tom indicted – Metro US

Alleged Arlington peeping tom indicted

Alleged Arlington peeping tom indicted
Courtesy of Arlington Police.

A Salem, New Hampshire man who is alleged to have illegally videotaped women in a restroom in Arlington has been indicted.

Joseph Hennessey, 53, faces four counts of photographing and videotaping in a state of nudity and with interception of oral communications. It is illegal to monitor and record audio in the state without someone’s knowledge.

Arlington Police arrested Hennessey last September at the Kickstand Café on Mass. Ave after a café employee found a recording device in a flower pot that was sitting in the women’s bathroom.

Hennessey was seen on two occasions at the café that month. On both occasions, employees noticed the flower pot set up directly in front of a toilet and saw Hennessy exit the women’s bathroom.

Hennessey, on September 13, told the employee that he owned the flowerpot, and he was eventually taken into custody.

Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan announced that a grand jury indicted Hennessy Wednesday.

“In this case, the employee saw something out of place, noticed a man acting suspiciously, and then called police,” said Ryan through a statement. “The employee stopped a situation that was an extreme example of an invasion of privacy.”

Arlington Police Chief Frederick Ryan said, “On the spectrum of privacy invasion this is as bad as it gets.”