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Allow your pet to live in style

It’s often not easy incorporating doggy beds, fish tanks and gerbil cages into a well designed space. Only recently have manufactures started to realize that pet accessories that look good will fly off the shelves. Here are a few ideas that might just help make your pet your most stylish home accessory.

Home Sweet Home
Be creative with an outdoor house for your pet. A small-sized doghouse can work purr-fectly for your cat. I like to bring the houses inside, where a corner of the family room or on a landing is a great place for them to escape and can be much more charming than a cage. The DIY pet houses that you can paint yourself are so self-expressive they can be a great way to blend the house into your home’s decor.

Stylish Pets In Training
For young pets there is always the worry of messes and teaching them to stay in their crate at night. A smart decorator might suggest removing long drapes (cats love to climb and dogs like to lift a leg to these towers of fabric) and cover existing furnishings to keep dirt and hair off. Pets and children equal one thing in my decorating world: Synthetic, easy-care fabrics and a good lint brush.

Your Silent Partner
I remember the old family fish tank in the 1970’s with the sunken ship, plastic-looking plants and one or two lonely fishies swimming around. Tanks are now back in vogue; and used for more than just housing a goldfish. A stylish tank adds the trickle of water and can act as ambient lighting in your home. Display some trendy fresh bamboo or your favorite seaside shells if the fish relationship thing isn’t working for you.

Keep your pet entertained in style
Yes, there are DVDs and music CDs to keep your pet entertained when you are at work. Oddly enough, I think my parents use to do that to me when I was a child — sit me in front of a television and hope for the best.

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