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All’s not lost in sewers

Ever dropped something down the storm drain? Well, it can be retrieved, says the city’s water services.

College student Josep Zapanta, 19, was walking down Centre Street when his cellphone vibrated and fell out of his back pocket into a sewage drain.

“I was in a rush and I couldn’t call anyone because my phone dropped,” said Zapanta.

Zapanta realized retrieving it was a stretch especially after finding out the sewer grate was locked. Before long, Zapanta gave up.

“It was late at night and I couldn’t see a thing down there, so I just left.”

Zapanta believes he is not the only one who has lost a valuable item down a sewage drain and not known what to do.

Bill Boyes of Calgary Water Services said citizens are encouraged to call 311 for help in such circumstances.

“The crew comes down and fishes for the item,” said Boyes.

Boyes said the crew usually takes 45 minutes to an hour to get there during the day, but response time might not be as quick during the late hours. They can also get it the next day, he said

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