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Alone Together season 2: Everything we know right now

alone together season 2

“Alone Together is easily the best show ever made,” Lonely Island’s Samberg, Schaffer and Taccone said of the quirky coming-of-age comedy in a joint statement. “If you don’t watch it, you’re a fool. There are 4 million shows on TV but this is the only one worth watching.” You still have time to catch up on the first season of the Freeform show because Alone Together season 2 launches, but to get you excited for the premiere, we’re breaking down what you should expect from the show’s sophomore season.

Haven’t seen Alone Together, yet? The show follows two misfits who are both simultaneously self-conscious and self-centered while trying to survive (and maybe even fit in) in Los Angeles. Played by actors and show creators Benji Aflalo and Esther Povitsky, the two socially awkward main characters strike up a platonic friendship as they face this world together. (The show also has a third co-creator, Eben Russell, who is also an executive producer.

What to expect from Alone Together season 2

There isn’t much information out yet about what to expect from Alone Together 2, but we do have synopses for the first two episodes. The Alone Together season 2 premiere, called “Crypto,” features some signature awkward moments: “Benji wonders if he is too much of a pushover when a stranger takes advantage of him; Esther discovers a bitcoin windfall but has to seduce an ex-boyfriend to recover her password.”

The follow-up to “Crypto,” called “Pootie,” ups the ante on the schadenfreude: “Esther gets a big break at her new job at a ’50s-themed diner; Benji’s confrontation with a store owner creates a social media sensation.” All in all, it seems like a seamless continuation of the awkward moments that pulled people into the first season.

alone together season 2 esther benji

A press release about the new season seemed to reiterate that the series is staying close to its roots, but was vague about the specifics: “In season two, their odd friendship continues to baffle everyone around them, as they continue to find their place in Los Angeles, juggling odd jobs, their love lives, and aspirations of social status.”

Alone Together season 2 cast

Expect the core cast back for Alone Together season 2. That means you’ll see Esther Povitsky as Esther and Benji Aflalo as Benji. You’ll also catch more of recurring characters, like Edgar Blackmon as Esther’s and Benji’s mutual friend Jeff and Chris D’Elia as Benji’s older brother.

Alone Together season 2 is also getting cast editions. You’ll see Fran Drescher (“The Nanny”) play Mary, Esther’s mom who’s “perfectly coiffed.” We can probably expect some tension there. But Benji’s also got some action in store. Carmen Electra will appear as Tia, “a beautiful and mysterious woman who seduces Benji.” He’s Just Not That Into You’s Natasha Leggero will appear as Nora, a poised and successful woman that Esther meets at the gym. But that’s just the beginning of the appearances the second season has in store for viewers.

Alone Together season 2 trailer

The only official trailer for Alone Together season 2 doesn’t tell us anything about what’s going to happen in the season, but does remind us that Esther and Benji are so not a couple, yet. Watch it below and keep your fingers crossed that Freeform finally brings these two together.



Get a sneak peek of Alone Together season 2

Freeform is giving you a peek into the future of Alone Together’s Esther and Benji. Yesterday they released teasers for the first four episodes from Alone Together season 2 on Hulu and the Freeform digital platforms. Those should hold you over until the first full episodes air.

Alone Together season 2 release date

Get ready, kids, cause the Alone Together season 2 release date is coming up fast. You’ll get not one but two episodes when the series returns to Freeform on Wednesday, August 1. Make sure you tune in because this season’s going to go fast. Although they have a 10-episode run for the second season, Freeform will air 2 episodes each week. That means the season will be over in just 5 short weeks.

alone together season 2 release date

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