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Already counting the days till Trump is out of office? This calendar can help

The daily Tear Away Trump calendar will help you count down until Jan. 20, 2021.
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He’s only been in office for 11 days, but if you’re curious how many days are left until President Donald Trump’s four years in the White House are up, it’s 1,451 to be exact.

But instead of going online every time you want to know, a start-up project on Indiegogo offers an old-fashioned solution.

The Tear Away Trump calendar tracks exactly how many days are left until Inauguration Day 2021, when another president will be in office, or at least that’s what the creators hope.

The daily desk calendar serves two purposes: One, it’s meant as a “playful distraction” from the daily grind and a chance to insult, doodle on or do whatever else you wish with the president’s image, according to the creators. And second, it serves as a donation, with proceeds going to the ACLU. Every dollar donated that doesn’t go into production will be donated to the ACLU, according to the

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a fun way to count down to the end of his presidency while defending the freedoms he’s vowed to take away? We thought so,” creators wrote on their fund raising page.

A video promoting the calendar encourages people to get creative with their daily Trump: “Mold it, fold it, scold it,” among plenty of other ideas.

Once the calendar has raised its goal of $50,000, it will go into production.

Backers can choose from one of fourways to support the effort, starting with a $40 donation that gets them one calendar.

Tear Away Trump from Jacque Vavroch on Vimeo.

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