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Amazon reviews of Trump’s MAGA ornament bring seasonal joy

Trump MAGA Christmas Ornament

It’s the new seasonal tradition, akin to opening one present on Christmas Eve or watching It’s a Wonderful Life: Gathering friends on iMessage to read the scathing Amazon reviews of President Trump’s MAGA Christmas ornament.

The ornament, shaped like one of Trump’s red MAGA ballcaps, is made of brass then allegedly covered in 14-karat gold. It’s available from a number of sellers from $96 to $139.95. “This ornament is sure to make any tree stand out,” the description reads.

As of today, the average rating is two stars. Here are some of the 137 reviews as of Friday afternoon:

Comes with an accompanying set of handcuffs. I was not impressed. I like ornaments that aren’t under investigation.”

“For some reason after adorning our Christmas tree with this as a joke, the tree took on a life of it’s own and kept trying to grope the cat. This ornament is a bad hombre.”

“Fantastic! I heard this ornament was being considered for ‘Ornament of the Year’ by Ornament Magazine, but they wanted a long interview and photo session, so it said “No Thanks.” SAD!”

The other ornament wasn’t perfect, but it was perfectly qualified for its position … I had requested a different ornament, but for some reason, my college elected to get this one in its place. I don’t understand. The other ornament wasn’t perfect, but it was perfectly qualified for its position on my tree; much more qualified than the one I ended up with.”

MAGA Christmas Ornament

“I put this on my shelf next to my Russian nesting doll ornaments, which have embraced it with open arms and tiny hands.”

“I put this ornament on my tree. The next night, more people attended my Christmas party than any Christmas party in American history. The photos don’t show that because they were taken before all the guests got there.”

“Despite ordering a more reasonable ornament, this one arrived. It. Is. Yuge. It’s absolutely yuge. It’s the biggest ornament. Yuge. I hung it on my tree, but it is so yuge that it has totally unbalanced my whole tree. No matter where I hang it, the tree leans waaaaaay over to the far right”

“Received this as a gag gift – and it keeps working. Every. Single. Day.”

“One star. Not safe if you have cats in the house.”

Manufactured ‘Overseas’. This ornament has brought me so much joy, in the form of the reviews. Please note it is made in ??.”

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