Amazon urges customers to throw out ‘unsafe’ hoverboards: Reports – Metro US

Amazon urges customers to throw out ‘unsafe’ hoverboards: Reports

Amazon urges customers to throw out ‘unsafe’ hoverboards: Reports
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The latest fad picked up by America’s kids is exploding in popularity. It’s also occasionally literally exploding, leading online retailer Amazon to urge customers throw away “unsafe” hoverboards.

To be fair, the devices don’t hover at all – they have wheels. Still, people began calling the futuristic doohickeys “hoverboards” and the moniker quickly stuck.

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Digital Trends explained that “the issue appears to lie with the device’s lithium-ion battery, some of which have been overheating and catching fire while charging. Low-quality plugs and cabling have also been cited as areas of concern.”

In response to numerous reports of the fiery incidents, the BBC reported that Amazon urged customers to simply throw out hoverboards that might be unsafe – and request a refund. Consumer site Best Reviews added that while Amazon initially pulled manyhoverboards from its online marketplace, it later began selling thosegadgets that “passed Amazon’s seal of approval.”

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That seal of approval reportedlyentails proper labeling and wiring.

While the explosive incidents first got headlines in Britain, Americans have also reported similar incidents taking place. Earlier in December, U.S. airline Delta has banned the devices from its airplanes citing “safety considerations.”

And on Sunday, firefighters in New Jersey responded to a call they said was “due to a hoverboard catching fire.” Like the other incidents, the fire started while the hoverboard was charging authorities said.

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