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Amber Rose went pantsless on Instagram, as you do

Amber Rose SlutWalk Los Angeles 2016

Amber Rose took to Instagram to show the world her mons pubis because, I don’t know, she was bored?

The 33-year-old shared a photo on Instagram and Twitter (NSFW!) where she’s casually lounging on a staircase, wearing a bikini top, a fur coat and approximately a gallon of body oil. And her bikini bottoms? Well, they were nowhere in sight. The explicit picture showcased a great deal of Rose’s upper pants area, and was predictably removed by Instagram within two hours. Because you know, you’re not allowed to let it all hang out on Instagram. Those are the rules, man!

Rose responded with a video of rolling her eyes, and an epic plot twist. Turns out, she did it for feminism. Surprise!

“When IG deletes ur fire a— feminist post but you don’t give a f—k because everyone picked it up already,” she wrote. Then she threw in the hashtags #amberroseslutwalk and #bringbackthebush, just for kicks.

Rose, of course, is no stranger to public scrutiny, especially when it comes to baring it all. That’s why she created the annual Amber Rose SlutWalk, which is celebrating its third run in October. She was inspired to launch the walk after seeing a photo of a woman wearing pasties, with the words “Still Not Asking For It” written across her chest. “I wanted to do something,” Rose told People. “The point is, you can wear whatever you want and it’s not an invitation.”

Oh, she’s out here promoting female empowerment?! OK, fine. I’ll give her the feminist angle for her full bush photo.  


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