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American researchers develop newlywed test

Before saying “I do” you may want to take the newly released
newlywed test, which American researchers claim is 94 percent accurate
in determining whether couples will stay together or get divorced.

scientists, who tested their mathematical model on 700 newlyweds over
12 years, say the test will determine which of five couple types a pair
is — with only two of the types indicating stability.

Researchers sat couples down and invited them to discuss a series of
issues while being filmed.

Observers then scored the pairs, based on
conflict avoidance and body language clues, and then plotted the scores
on a graph.

“If both partners are what we call validators … their marriage is
stable,” said professor James Murray, who helped devise the formula.

Which are you?

Two validators — Indicates mutual respect.

Two avoiders — Indicates acceptance of disagreements.

Two volatiles — Each individual feels like a passionate equal.

Volatile/validator — One in passionate, one is conciliatory.

Validator/avoider — One tries to solve problems, the other avoids them.

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