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Americans’ biggest worry: Being nice during the holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, cheer and merriment, right? Well, think again.

According to a recent poll by Consume Reports, the thing 35 million Americans dread the most during the holidays is “having to be nice.”

What a bunch of Grinches, we are!

On one hand we get it. The holidays can be overwhelming. Having to see and share a meal with crazy aunts and moody teenage cousins is a lot to handle. Answering questions about what you’re doing with your life, and if this “whole journalism thing will work out for you” (direct quote from said crazy aunt) and if you’re still single (again, nutty aunt) can be demoralizing.

It’s the holidays, though! Being nice shouldn’t be stressful. Those magical meals your mom whips together are enough to get your through dinner. It’s also the one time of the year you can listen to cheesy music guilt free by calling yourself ‘festive.’

The obvious question, though, is shouldn’t we always be nice? Why is it particularly stressful in December?

Here is the breakdown of the Consumer Reports poll on what stresses people out during the holidays.

1.Crowds and long lines: 68 percent

2.Gaining weight: 37 percent

3.Getting into debt: 37 percent

4.Gift shopping: 28 percent

5.Traveling: 25 percent

6.Seeing certain relatives: 24 percent

7.Seasonal music: 23 percent

8.Disappointing gifts: 19 percent

9.Having to attend holiday parties or events: 16 percent

10.Having to be nice: 15 percent

11.Holiday tipping: 12 percent

What stresses you out?

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