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America’s Got Talent fans mad that Courtney Hadwin has a music business past

Courtney Hadwin on America's Got Talent

A 14-year-old soul singer brought the house down on America’s Got Talent on August 14 with her performance of the James Brown hit “Papa Got a Brand New Bag.” The beyond-her-years interpretation earned her both a standing ovation from the audience and the four judges.

Howie Mandel even pressed the golden buzzer for her, instantly pushing her to the next round of the competition.

The 14-year-old soul singer floored everyone with her explosive rendition of James Brown’s “Papa Got a Brand New Bag.” The British teen was portrayed as a shy singer, but fans searching for more information on her were upset when they learned she’s not so shy about appearing on television.

“Courtney Hadwin was on Britain’s The Voice Kids last year and Simon was a judge,” one fan tweeted. “Why wasn’t that mentioned, especially since it comes up when you google her…”

Hadwin was indeed on The Voice Kids last year in the U.K. — and she even made it to the top six, though Simon Cowell wasn’t a judge. She also played young Cosette in Les Miserables.

Fans say that instead of finding real amateur talent, they’re going for more established people.

“I Love the show but it seems this year you are bringing in ringers from other shows & countries not America,” an America’s Got Talent fan added on Twitter. “Example – The Sacred Riana (winner of 2017 Asia’s Got Talent) & Courtney Hadwin (Finalist The Voice Kids UK 2017). Why?”

“Stop having your judges fake react to acts they are already familiar with,” another fan tweeted. “Most people watching are already familiar with Riana and others are familiar with Courtney Hadwin and the judges certain should know who they are but instead they act like they never heard of them!!”

Did Courtney Hadwin break the rules on America’s Got Talent?

Hadwin might have a history in show business, but she’s not breaking any rules on America’s Got Talent.

Courtney Hadwin and Howie Mandel America's Got Talent

“International acts are eligible to participate in the initial AGT auditions on visitor visas,” a spokesperson for America’s Got Talent told GoodHousekeeping.com. “If selected to proceed to the program live shows, AGT works with acts to secure appropriate performer visas which give acts authorization to perform throughout the series.”

Her grandfather believes she’s exactly what the show needs, telling the Daily Mail that fans in the United Kingdom didn’t “get her.”

“[We’re confident she will do well in the U.S.,” Tom Storey told the newspaper.

And it looks she’s well on her way.

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