‘America’s Got Talent’ features Jon Dorenbos of the Philadelphia Eagles - Metro US

‘America’s Got Talent’ features Jon Dorenbos of the Philadelphia Eagles

Jon Dorenbos is an accomplished special teams player in the NFL — and a world class
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Tonight, “America’s Got Talent” will feature a returning contestant from Philly. Jon Dorenbos, Philadelphia Eagles longsnapper, wowed the judges during auditions with his magic skills. At 16, he got into magic as a way of coping after a traumatic experience. His father was sentenced to 13 years in prison for killing Dorenbos’ mother. “I had guilt and I had to forgive myself and not worry about what my mom would think if I forgave my dad,” said Dorenbos to Philadelphia Eagles Insider. “Learning how to forgive yourself and to forgive that guilt, is huge. I think a lot of people in a traumatic experience sometimes skip that part and that prevents them from being able to forgive others.”

This episode is Judge Cuts and decides whether or not Dorenbos will get a chance to compete in the live show. Hopefully we get to see this Eagle fly his way into the hearts of America.

Tune in tonight at 8/7c on NBC.​

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