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America’s new favorite pink drink: pink gin

Pink is everyone’s favorite color in the summer beverage world, from the Starbucks “Pink Drink” to all varieties of Rosé. It’s clear the pink drink takeover is here to stay, and there’s a new pink beverage coming for the crown  Pink gin. 

Pink gin has been a favorite of Europeans for quite some time, and America’s interest in it is growing. Boodles British Gin is one of the first companies bringing the coveted cocktail to the U.S. The company just launched a rhubarb and strawberry gin stateside. 

Even though the trend is new to Americans, pink gin goes back to the 1800s. According to Ginfoundry.com, gin was once used to cure seasickness by the Royal Navy, but to make it taste a bit better, sailors added bitters to it, giving it its famous pink color. Things have changed since then. Now, modern pink gin gets its color thanks to the addition of reddish fruits such as berries rhubarb, strawberries, and raspberries.

Metro spoke with Pippa Guy, a world-renowned bartender and the first female senior bartender at The Savory Hotel in London, about the recent interest in pink gin. Guy believes this could be the moment for gin to really break into the American market. She thinks the pink gin has piqued American’s interests for a few reasons; one of the main being that its “flavor profile” is a little friendlier than traditional gin. 

“I think a lot of the pink gins have refrained from being too juniper driven, and have a lot of more of the fruit profile…” Guy told Metro, adding that pink gin might be a bit more palatable to Americans because of the pink fruits involved in the brewing process. 

Guy thinks part of the interest in pink gin comes from social media. 

Even if you’re not a “gin-person,” Guy recommends giving it a try, maybe combining pink gin with tonic for a classic pairing, or soda water which gives a similar flavor profile. To bring out the sweetness in the pink gin, she recommended splashing it with lemonade. 

To taste pink gin yourself, from July to October Boodles is setting up shop in Showfields. For the bars hours, check out both the @Boodlesgin and @Showfields Instagram accounts, which will have updates. Showfields is located 11 Bond Street. 

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