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Amid Republican opposition, Trump’s health care bill pulled from House vote

Friday was the day President Trump had hoped to see his health care plan begin the journey toreplaceObamacare.

But given the intense opposition from some House Republicans — whose votes the president desperately needed —The American Health Care Act was pulled from its scheduled vote Friday afternoon.

There’s a lot going on, so here’s a handy timeline to keep you up to date as Trumpcare happens.

March 24

Updated as of 5:50 p.m.

Trump comments on the failed bill saying Obamacare is going to “explode.”

Updated as of 4:15 p.m.

“We came really close today, but we came up short,” Ryan told reporters at his press conference.

Despite saying “the worst is yet to come with Obamacare,” the Affordable Care Act remains “the law of the land,” Ryan admitted. The GOP hoped to do the architects of Obamacare “a favor” by passing a new health care bill before ACA disaster, he added.

Ryan did not say what will happen to theAmerican Health Care Actin 2017.

Updated as of 4:05 p.m.

Ryan is expected to deliver his remarks.

Updated as of 3:52 p.m.

A representative from the House confirms that the vote has been pulled.

Updated as of 3:40 p.m.

The House Rules Committee clears the Republican’s health care bill in a 9-3 vote. A final floor vote was expected at 3:30 p.m., but CNN reports that House Republicans are meeting and a recess has been called.

House Republicans are pulling the bill per Trump’s request, according to multiple reports.

Not pushing the bill through is “a big failure for the Republicans in the House and this is something that will have consequences for the voters,” Republican strategist Susan Del Percio told Metro.

If the vote was made to reject the bill, it would have been “very hard” for House Republicans to bring it back to the floor, Del Percio added.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, whose chance in 2018 could be damaged by the failed bill, schedules a 4 p.m. press conference, CNN reports.

March 23

Trump issues an ultimatum to Republicans telling them to approve the bill or “be stuck with Obamacare” as they move onto tax changes.

Obamacare supporters rally across the U.S. to denounce Trump’s bill, and 24 are arrested in front of the White House for refusing to get off the ground.

On the seventh anniversary of Obamacare’s signing, Republicans delay voting on the American Health Care Act after leaders could not reach an agreement.

March 20

Republicans revamp Trumpcare to appease those in opposition, including fellow Republicans, with changes to tax credits and provisions that would alter Medicaid for low-income Americans.

March 6

Republicans unveil the American Health Care Act, aka Trumpcare, to dismantle Obamacare, which Trump says is a “disaster.”

Jan. 20

Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Jan. 15, 2017

In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump promises that his upcoming health care plan will have “insurance for everybody,” but declines to give specifics.

Nov. 8, 2016

Donald Trump defeats Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

July 29, 2015

Trump tells CNN he would replace Obamacare with “something terrific.” Without offering specifics, he says that health care should be privatized.

June 16, 2015

Trump announces his candidacy for president.

March 23, 2010

The Affordable Care Act, which is more widely known as Obamacare, is signed into law.

Nikki M. Mascali and Kimberly M. Aquilina contributed to this report.

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