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An Animated display at Metro Cinema

Whether you’re a young child growing up on stories like Jack and the Beanstock or an adult looking for more mature content in your cartoons, Metro Cinema is the place to be tomorrow.

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is launching the fourth edition of Get Animated! with a series of free animation screenings and activities.

“Oct. 28 is International Animation Day,” said Kelly Fox, marketing manager for NFB Edmonton.

“This is a special day for animation so we decided to do free screenings in as many cities as we could get across the country so that the public can really see what we’re doing every year.”

The evening will be split into two parts: Fairy Tales for All at 7 p.m. and NFB New Releases Program at 8:30 p.m. and the price couldn’t be better.

“It’s about the filmmakers but I think it’s more about the public,” Fox said.

“We’ve got this incredible treasure trove of animation, this is about making sure the public gets a chance to engage and learn about animation.”

For more information about Get Animated!, visit www.nfb.ca/getanimated

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