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An evil cat tried to eat Brooklyn’s beautiful rare bird

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Remember that rare bird that people were ‘losing their sh–” over? Well a cat was trying to eat it, because the world apparently can’t have nice things.

A black and white cat was reportedly caught hunting the locally famous bird in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

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“The cat looks a little embarrassed that it got caught, but it wasn’t harmed at all,” the President of the Brooklyn Bird Club, told The New York Post.

Why the fuss over the safety of this beautiful bird? This veritable flying jewel of the sky?

As Metro reported earlier this month, bird watchers have been “losing their sh--” over the Painted Bunting, an extremely rare bird that landed in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Prospect Park's current celebrity is even more stunning in real life than all his pictures.

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“The North American Breeding Bird Survey estimated an average decline of 3.2 percent per year between 1966 and 1995 — suggesting the population declined by 62 percent in that time,” AllAboutBirds.org wrote in an article about the species.“The eastern population is suffering from habitat loss and degradation as humans destroy swampy thickets and woodland edges for urban development.”

The cat is reportedly not feral and has been put up for adoption at the Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

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