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An infinity room hides inside Brooklyn’s Dream Machine

The irony of an infinity room is you may spend forever in there trying to figure out how to take a decent photo.

There’s so much more to see inside the Dream Machine, a two-month pop-up coming to Williamsburg from April 5-May 31, but the Matrix-like abyss is sure to be the star attraction.

Much like the Museum of Ice Cream and other recent immersive experiences, there’s plenty of Instagram fodder inside the 10-room warehouse. But co-creators Paige Solomon and Gary Johnson hope you’ll find time to break from your Instagram agenda and do what they created the space for: exploring the possibilities of your dreams while wide awake.

Get out of your routine, say the plants painted with polka dots and stripes. Go ahead and touch the sky, whether it’s a fluffy cotton cloud or bubbles filled with fog. Consider the possibility of a world beyond the one you see, beckons the wall of washing machines that swings open to reveal that infinity room. Floating on water is for the real world — in the Dream Machine, you’re suspended in a ball pit at the bottom of a pool, watching the waves ripple above you.

It’s probably futile to suggest letting go of your Instagram agenda. But if you can manage to live life for yourself and not your followers, there are moments of genuine transcendence to be had here.

Maybe by remembering how valuable dreams can be, the City That Never Sleeps will try it sometime.

The Dream Machine will be open April 5-May 31 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at 93 N. Ninth St. in Williamsburg. Tickets are $38 and on sale now.

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