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An interior decorating standoff

We have a decorating dilemma that’s driving us both nuts. I’m a traditionalist. He likes art deco. How do we find a compromise?

Angela says…
The easiest solution is to throw money at the problem and hire a decorator who can navigate both your tastes with impartiality. Failing that—since we don’t all live in a fantasy world—you’ll need to find pieces you both agree on, plus some pieces that are his faves and some that are yours. The mix will be unique, just like your relationship.

Derek says…
Two crucial tips if you end up going down the DIY road with each partner contributing to the process: 1) budget for triple the amount of time it would normally take one of you to finalize a decor decision; and 2) be prepared to make sacrifices to keep your marriage intact, so long as his choices are not crimes against design. You won’t love everything he chooses, but you will need to let him make some choices if you want to avoid possible blow-ups. Decorating together is not an easy process nor is it fast, but the sense of accomplishment at the end is rewarding.