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An overzealous ‘Walking Dead’ fan bites star Norman Reedus

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Being the star of the world’s most popular zombie drama, he really should’ve seen this coming. Norman Reedus was just enjoying a perfectly normal meet-and-greet photo session at a Walker Stalker convention — and clearly the name should’ve been a tip-off — when one particularly excited fan decided to lean in and try to take a bite out of his chest.

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Police and security stepped right in before any serious damage could be done, though. While the fan’s teeth definitely made contact with flesh, Reedus decided not to press charges because it was “only a nibble” and didn’t break the skin, according to E! News. But still, the woman was kicked out and has since been banned from all future Walker Stalker cons and events where Reedus is in attendance. Did anyone suggest a head shot just to be sure?

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