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Anal sex: everything you ever wanted to know about it


If you haven’t noticed there really has been a slow crescendo of the public’s discovery and obsession with ass, and last year felt like the peak year for butts.

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Every song was singing about butts, people were twerking like it was their job, and it just seemed like everyone was going nuts for butts!

So maybe after watching Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda for the fifth million time on YouTube before the year ended, you made a silent resolution to give having anal sex a shot.

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How bad could it be? You wondered. What do I do? You asked. Which is why you’re here. If you were curious about anal sex, but just didn’t know who to ask, or really, what to ask, we’re here to help:

1) Is anal sex easy?

Short answer: No.

Anal sex, if you want to have a good time while doing it (we assume you want to), is a true test of patience.

If you think about it you’re putting a penis, dildo, vibrator, etc. in something that wasn’t really meant to have anything go into it. To enjoy anal sex you will need plenty of lube, plenty of time, and plenty of patience (all of this most especially applies to your first time).

2) Is anal sex fun?

If people didn’t think having anal sex was fun, this article wouldn’t exist. Sure! Anal sex CAN be fun. Women enjoy anal sex because it’s a different (yet fun) sensation than vaginal sex, and because it adds another dimension to intercourse. Men enjoy anal sex primarily because it can stimulate the prostate, which is essentially the male g-spot.

3) Should I douche?

No. Douching may sound like a great way for avoiding any mess during your dive down under, but there are plenty of risks and decent alternatives that might convince you otherwise.

Filling the anus with water can irritate or damage your rectum’s lining, it can also dry up your colon. All of these things can make you more susceptible to contracting STDs. In addition, if you use enemas too much you could become dependent on them to poop, and that would really, really suck.

What can you do instead? You can wipe yourself with a moist cloth, abstain from eating for a couple of hours before you have sex, or try and poop before your romp.

4) Should I get a wax before?

This is really up to you. A waxed butt hole is not a requirement for anal sex and is purely a matter of aesthetics and some would say good house keeping.

5) What are the best positions for my first time?

The best position for your first time putting your rear in gear is for the receiving partner to sit on top. This position allows the receiver to control the speed and depth of the penetration. Once you get into the swing of things feel free to contort yourself into whatever position you can imagine.

Last tips:

Take it easy

This isn’t a race! Lots of porn videos and movies may depict anal sex as a pretty quick process, but unless you want to get hurt and ruin your night, we suggest you take it easy. Communicate with your partner and let each other know what’s working. When the time is right you can go at whatever speed you want, but when you’re starting out it’s best to just take it slow.


We cannot stress this enough! Touching, fingering, oral, toys, massages, all of these things can help relax you mentally and physically. A relaxed anal sex partner is a happy anal sex partner!

Gotta go?

When you’re having anal sex, the recieving partner may feel like they need to poo. This is not unusual. They may feel like you need to take a break and sit on the toilet for a bit, and that’s alright. Just know that it’s likely a phantom poop.

It will be messy.

Anal sex is, can be, and will always be messy. Don’t use the nice sheets, and maybe get a large towel to cover your bed.

Lube, lube, oh and um, more lube

Save yourself the pain and just use as much lube as possible. We suggest you stick to water based lubes as they are safer to use with condoms and will be easier to clean out of your sheets. But we cannot stress this enough! Lube! Lube! Lube!

Be safe, kid! Have fun!

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