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Android users can take cliched Instagram shots now, too

As Android users, we’ve always been slightly jealous of our iPhone-owning brethren. Sure, we’ve got a physical keyboard and larger displays, but we still can’t help feeling sad every time we miss out on a hilarious iPhone inside-joke.

Luckily, now we’ve gotten in on the biggest iPhone joke of all: Instagram! Yes, the popular free photo-editing app just got added to Android’s Google Play store today, and personally, we couldn’t wait until closing time to fill our friends’ Twitter feeds with all the artfully ruined pictures we could muster. Instead, we took Instagram on a test drive around the Metro office, to see how many of the classic Instagram cliches we could pull off.

Metro’s nine best Instagram cliches

Let’s get to it!

Arty shot of liquor and/or liquor containers? Check.

An everyday object in a Wes-Anderson-style tableau? Check.

Super-mundane object, with an outrageous color filter? Check.

Shot of our own feet, mid-relaxation? Check.

Gritty New York City street scene? Check.

Polaroid-style New York City street scene? Check.

American flags? Check.

Here’s a bonus!

Ironic pictures of tourists taking pictures? Check.

And the ultimate Instagram cliche: Images of partially eaten food. Aren’t you glad you know what we had for lunch?

What did we learn?

Well, for one, we learned that taking pictures of tourists without them noticing actually makes you feel kind of sleazy. But we also learned that, no matter how easy it is to make fun of Instagram users — and it is very, very easy — manipulating your pictures with Instagram is actually incredibly addictive and fun. Now, if only Instagram would include a tilt-shift mode, then we’d be in business!

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