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Another Facebook redesign: What it means for you

Every time a prominent site gets a makeover, we’re forced to consider: Is this redesign truly the ugliest, most unnecessary change in the history of the Internet, or do people maybe just not like change? And although everyone is currently complaining about Facebook’s redesign, it’s really not so awful. Let’s look at the new features and see what you think.

The biggest change? “Top Stories”

Facebook’s blog says the “News Feed will act more like your own personal newspaper. You won’t have to worry about missing important stuff.” Great. Can’t wait to get my morning news from my “personal newspaper” which will only entail cute cat photos and unnecessary news about my friend’s babies.

Join in with your friends with their new “Ticker”

“News Feed often has a time lag … Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to see and chat with your friends about photos, articles, and other things they’re posting in real-time,” per their blog. So basically, their “Ticker” is exactly like how Twitter works, but without the cute birds.

Hide posts still remains

Our favorite option (sorry, second cousins and most everyone we graduated from high school with) is the way you can “hide” posts and even users. Luckily, that remains in the redesign. In the newer version, you can also mark a post as a top story, which will increase the likelihood that friend, or a post in that vein, will appear in your Top Stories feed (cute cat photos for everyone!).

Your photos are even bigger

New albums and photos posted by friends will appear in groups of threes (neatly stacked) for a bolder view, more terrifyingly “high def” view. Although your pores will appear bigger, it does give the site a cleaner feel, which Facebook desperately needs.

To read more about the redesign, check out this piece on Mashable.com

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