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Another Harvard athletic team wrote ‘sexually explicit’ comments about women

Another Harvard athletic team wrote ‘sexually explicit’ comments about women
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Days after the Harvard men’s soccer team was suspended for creating a salacious “scouting report” of their female counterparts, evidence has come out that the men’s cross country team engaged in a similar practice.

The team created spreadsheets ahead of an annual dance with the women’s team, which sometimes included “sexually explicit” commentary, the Harvard Crimson reported Saturday.

This finding illustrates a larger culture of organized teams ranking female athletes on their physical appearance, the student newspaper wrote.

“In the documents, the men guessed which women would invite certain men to the event. In certain spreadsheets, the men added comments about the women’s physical appearance,” the Crimson reported.

Men’s cross country captain Brandon E. Price shared the spreadsheets with coach Jason S. Saretsky, the Boston Globe reported.

“We don’t want the school to find this, without us first bringing it to them,” Price told the Crimson. “The problem with the Men’s Soccer team was they tried to hide their stuff.”

The men’s soccer team was suspended last week, forcing the top-ranked team to forfeit its remaining games and effectively ending their season, after sexually explicit documents called “scouting reports,” which rated female freshmen players, surfaced. The document, from 2012, was public on Google Groups until recently.

The school’s Office of the General Counsel conducted a review and found that the practice was more widespread and current students who participated in “scouting reports” were not immediatelytransparent with officials.

University Athletic Director Bob Scalise was not immediately available for comment Sunday.

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