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Another person approves of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship, you’re welcome

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Ugh, be photographed together and make my life easier, you two. Photo: Getty

Were you wondering how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are doing? Well, they’re just fine. I mean, I’m assuming. I haven’t heard anything that would prove otherwise. Besides, Mike Tindall is making news for giving his approval of the pair, so who even cares what they’re up to? There’s a man out here begging for publicity, so let’s give it to him. 

Tindall is the husband of Zara Tindall, Prince Harry’s cousin. And he told the Sunday People that he thinks the “Suits” star will be a great fit for the royal family. “It comes with a lot of history and the family that it is. It’s obviously nerve-racking.” Sorry, what are you saying, sir?

“She has been under enough scrutiny and pressure in her day-to-day life so I’m sure she will get through it. She will be fine. As long as they are both happy that’s all that you can ask for. She’ll do absolutely fine.” Thanks Mike!

Tindall, an ex-rugby player, likely feels like he can step into Markle’s shoes — even though he physically can’t, probably — because he too is a commoner-turned-royal.

His tacit approval comes on the heels of rumors that Markle and the Hot Ginger Prince got engaged during a romantic Botswana safari. Because there’s nothing more touching than the small of rhino poop in the air.

A few weeks ago, Prince Albert of Monaco offered his opinion on the royals too. Why? Who knows. 

He told People that bringing anyone into royal circles, navigating the press and mastering protocol “is a pretty tough act. Especially in the British royal family, which is scrutinized by the press as no one’s been.”

He also gave a warning, like some sort of royal spooky ghoul, that although they’re having a “good deal of success so far,” it probably won’t last for long. “Sooner or later, she’s going to have to face the full onslaught. I can’t imagine how that will be on them, on her.”

Well, if these two are collecting the approval of people who have no bearing on their relationship, I too would like to offer my enthusiastic approval. You’re welcome! 

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