Another ‘Year,’ another tired rom com for Adams - Metro US

Another ‘Year,’ another tired rom com for Adams

‘Leap Year’
Stars: Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, John Lithgow
Director: Anand Tucker
Grade: ?????

Some might point to Amy Adams’ Oscar nominations, but the best evidence of her skills just might be “Leap Year.” It’s not that this is her best film — in fact, it’s probably her worst. It’s just that her character is so shrill, shallow, and one-dimensional that she should be loathsome, but Adams somehow makes you care about her. Too bad the screenplay is so tired and drawn out that no actress could possibly save it.

Opposites falling in love on the road is a romantic comedy convention that has been in films since the ’30s. “Leap Year” manages to not only add nothing to the form, but even tries to pass off tired gags (a bed and breakfast only allows married couples, so they have to fake it and sleep in the same bed — oh no!). Throw in a supporting cast of Irish stereotypes, awkward pacing, and a completely unmotivated love story, and you’ve got a big ol’ mess of a movie.

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