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Anthony Bourdain’s strategy for Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers

Anthony Bourdain

As you can imagine, Thanksgiving is a pretty big deal in Anthony Bourdain’s household.

The famed chef, author and host of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” loves to go all out for the holiday and always plans an epic meal for Thanksgiving dinner. Bourdain revealed his Turkey Day strategy to Metro during a recent trip to Boston for his web series “Raw Craft.”

“I deliberatelly plan,” Bourdain says. “I cook Thanksgiving dinner. It’s very traditional: turkey, stuffing, cranberry relish, gravy.”

Aside from sticking to the basics on Thanksgiving, Bourdain likes to make sure that he has plenty of leftovers for his friends and family to take home.

“I always overproduce,” Bourdain says. “I overproduce enough so everybody gets a take-home kit.”

While the extra food is a nice treat for his guests, the culinary superstar likes to enjoy the spoils of Thanksgiving leftovers himself as well, usually “alone” and in the form of a turkey sandwich. According to Bourdain, he has a serious feast the next day that ends up being quite the sight to behold.

“I have a lot the next day, sitting there at like 11 o’clock in the morning watching TV on the couch in my pajamas eating,” Bourdain says. “Maybe I warm it in the microwave. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just eat it cold.”

Whether it’s heated up or served right out of the refrigerator, Bourdain usually likes to take his extra stuffing and turkey and jam them onto a sandwich. Regardless of how it’s prepared, though, the food and television star believes leftovers are the best part of the holiday.

“That is the true joy of Thanksgiving,” Bourdain says. “It’s all about the leftovers.”

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for tips on how to handle your annoying family members at Thanksgiving dinner, Bourdain doesn’t really have any advice for you. Just don’t get too crazy while drinking during the holiday.

“Thanksgiving drinking, I don’t know,” he says. “The murder rate spikes around the holidays drastically.”

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