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Anthony Scaramucci on Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin ring conspiracy

Anthony Scaramucci and Donald Trump conspiracy theory with Vladimir Putin.
Anthony Scaramucci was briefly the White House communications director. Getty Images

Just a month ago, Anthony Scaramucci was one of the more important figures in the United States. Today, “The Mooch” has plenty of time of his hands so he’s direct messaging randoms about NFL Super Bowl rings.

Donald Trump pal Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, is said to have given the former White House communications director a Super Bowl ring during the Pats’ visit to the White House in April.

Twitter user @rslashpatriots had the following interaction with Scaramucci this week regarding Kraft giving Trump a ring, as well as the insane story that Vladimir Putin allegedly stole a Super Bowl ring from Kraft over 10 years ago.


@rslashpatriots: “I know you guys aren’t as close anymore, but can you ask Trump to ask Putin to give Robert Kraft his Super Bowl ring back? Thanks.

@Scaramucci: “We are still close. Bob Kraft just gave the president the ring for last years game. The Putin ring is long gone.”

@rslashpatriots: “Damn, I thought I’d give it a shot. I didn’t know about last year’s game. Are you a Patriots fan, Mooch?”

@Scaramucci: “I am a Kraft family fan but a life long jets fan.”


Jerry Thornton of Barstool Sports wanted to clarify that the ring that Kraft gave Trump was “A” Super Bowl ring, not the personal ring of Kraft himself.

Thornton: “Hi Anthony. Jerry Thornton from Barstool Sports. Can you confirm what you told the Patriots sub-Reddit that Mr. Kraft gave his Super Bowl 51 ring to POTUS?”

@Scaramucci: “He gave a super bowl ring. Not his.”


It’s a shame someone didn’t clarify whether or not Scaramucci was talking about Trump or Putin when he said he was still “close” to them.

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