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Anthony Weiner says he will challenge Trump Jr. for NYC mayor

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The possibility of Donald Trump Jr. running for mayor of New York City drew a response from former mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, which ignited a social media feud between the two.

On Tuesday, when a news reporter asked Weiner about the speculation surrounding a possible Trump Jr. run for mayor, the former congressman said, “I would come out of retirement justto beat him like a rented mule and then I’d turn the keys back over to de Blasio,” Fox5 reported.

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That statement drew a response on Twitter from Trump Jr., who made a comment on Weiner’s word choice, NBC4 added.

Donald Trump himself chimed in about his son’s political future and to take a swipe at Weiner, telling Fox5, “Donald Trump Jr. has no intention of running for mayor of New York, but I was the one who predicted Anthony Weiner would flame out and not be able to run for mayor. People were amazed at how insightful I was.”

Weiner, though, known for his social media presence and past online missteps, took to Twitter and focused his attention on the younger Trump.

Mayor Bill de Blasio also spoke up about the possibility of a Trump Jr. candidacy as a threat to his re-election, telling Politico, “In terms of Donald Trump Jr., I will predict something right here and now: that his father and his values will be rejected soundly by the people of New York City in November. So, if after that, he thinks that it’s a great idea to run against me, be my guest.”